CSS Font Sizes and Macs

by "Darrell King" <darrell(at)webctr.com>

 Date:  Tue, 19 Sep 2000 07:52:20 -0400
 To:  "HWG Techniques" <hwg-techniques(at)hwg.org>
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I am getting complaints regarding our use of ems to set font sizes.
Apparently, some browsers (notably Netscape 4.x) on Mac sytems display the
fonts in sizes much smaller than PCs do.  We do not set a size for the body
style, but let the browser set it's own to maintain display flexibility for
the users.

Many of our clients have been pleased with a standard .8em size on PCs, but
apparently this is not a workable combination on Mac in some cases, as .8
appears tiny and .7 (an acceptable footer size on the PC) is an
incomprehensible scribble.

We can auto-detect, but I don't want the issue riding on a JavaScript
routine, and not all clients can afford a dynamically generated site.
Selecting style sheet through a JS sniffer is one option, but I am looking
for another.

Any advice or insights from anyone who has faced this PC/Mac font issue?



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