Re: Start with HTML or XHTML? (slightly OT)

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I agree. The whole point is to deliver a product that the CLIENT wants, not
the designer. Nowadays more and more clients want the bells and whistles. We
either accomodate them or they move on to someone else who will. I actually
had a dentist that wanted a Flash site for his practice. A dentist wanting
Flash! Why? Because he liked it. It's what he wanted. I don't care much for
Flash... I think it's way overdone, but if I want to stay in business, I'll
have to learn it. So, I'm taking a Flash class. This industry is far from
static, and if you don't go with the flow and learn new tricks, you'll be
left behind.

 XHTML is indeed much cleaner, and IMO much easier. CSS makes maintaining a
site much easier than HTML. Suppose you had a client that decided he wanted
to change the font, or the colors on his 100 page site. What would you
rather do? Alter one, maybe two style sheets, or spend hundreds of hours
sifting through code to make changes? Just my opinion FWIW.

Lisa Bradshaw ,  Web Designer

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> The clients want CSS effects, DHTML and more complex dynamic sites.
> everything we do is database-driven and controlled by server-side
> CSS and XHTML is an enormous improvement over older HTML from the
> of organization and centralization.
> XHTML is very basic and solid...much cleaner and easier to debug than
> HTML because there's less to it and because it's more structured.  CSS is
> another case entirely, and there are indeed plenty of platform-specific
> issues arriving with it.  Still, this isn't the first time we've faced
> situation and I'm sure we'll sort it out as we always have.

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