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 Date:  Tue, 12 Mar 2002 23:31:41 -0000
 To:  "T. Kimsey" <annique(at)>,
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One simple technique if using MS Windows is Alt-PrintScreen to copy the
active window (including the picture displayed in it) to the clipboard. Then
paste it into a graphics program., crop the unwanted bits of window image
away, and the world is the crustacean of your choice.

Andrew Armstrong

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> Hi...
> This client is driving me crazy!  Can anyone tell me how to get the
> out of a PowerPoint slide that was sent to me? Client wants it on the web.
> I know we recently had a brief discussion on how to convert PowerPoint to
> web so I will look in the archives for that part... but I don't recall
> seeing how to extract the photo.
> Thanks.
> Annique

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