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> Hi All,
> I am doing a site for an Architect (very linear minded).
> The site is at
> They do not want the menu system on the side.  They also really, really
> like the current menu at the top of the page. The only problem is that
> it only overlay an image within the applet for the menu.  I can't find
> one that will just pop up over just anything.  (Have to stay away from
> style sheets and anything a typical user might not have).
> They view the page at 800x600 so that's what I have to design for.
> Delimma arises on the subpages showing the different project.  
> They want the larger image with thumbnails beside them but also the
> subnavigation within the these pages.  
> Does anyone have a better idea on how to accomplish this?  They don't
> want a slide show because then the user won't be able to pick the image
> they want at will.
> So, all help, suggestions, other sites to look at would be great.
> Thanks in advance.
> Beth Borysewich

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