Re: Background to hyperlinks?

by "Hilma" <Hilma(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 31 Mar 2002 13:28:04 +0100
 To:  "Kehvan M. Zydhek" <kehvan(at)>,
"Andrew McFarland" <aamcf(at)>
 References:  ntlworld hilma zydhek1
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Thanks for all that;

I've changed my image files to lowercase names, dropped the <stlye> tags
from the .css, did all you suggested;

but there has been no visible change in my pages - i still get the missing
images in Opera in all versions, and a shortened image when using an
external style sheet in Netscape.

I'll give it a rest, go through your detailed message (which i have only
skimmed thus far) - and "try again later"

many thanks for all your help :-)


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