Re : weird problem

by "Judith Bishop" <jude(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 7 May 2000 19:10:23 -0500
 To:  "HWG-Techniques" <Hwg-Techniques(at)Mail.Hwg.Org>
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Hi all,
About a month ago I wrote the list about a web site that was using my e-mail
address. Well I did end up contacting the owner of the site by phone and she
was most rude and obnoxious stating that she did not have my address on her
site. Well then my IP called her and again she was rude and obnoxious
several times  to different people.  Finally they were able to contact the
designers of the site and just this weekend the address was removed. That
all took a month and quite a number of phone calls! Just thought I would let
you all know the outcome. Thanks for the advice about the problem.

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