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 Date:  Fri, 6 Jul 2001 14:21:33 -0400
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Gday all I have listened to the discussion of annoying sites with interest I find it interesting
what the sighted find annoying.  I personally find the sights with eye candy and shiny objects to be
annoying.  Not because I can see the information contained there in but because I cant.  More often
than not the eye candy laden sights pose enormous  access problems for those who rely on screen
reading software or Braille displays to view web content.  For this group, A sight from hell is one
on which the eye candy keeps us from getting to the information we are after.  Screen reading
technology has come a long way but the developers of this software are not able to keep pace with an
industry which changes as rapidly as the browser market.  I won't even start to tell you of the
sights I and others weren't able to access because of the bobbles and such on the sight.  TNX for
reading my bad typing.
Ray T. Mahorney
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This may have been it's origins but it is mainstream now and the population
of the net is quite different today.  Perhaps you are only interested in
sharing ideas on your websites.  I'm not.  I'm out to gather customers and
get them to buy something.  Most of them are not web-literate (heck, half of
them aren't computer literate).  People are influenced by many things,
content being only one of them.  Color, size, shape, layout and even fonts
all have an effect on people, although for most it is subconscious.  Part of
gathering my customers is showing them appealing images, colors, etc.
Visual interest is important in attracting people to your site, content will
keep them coming back.  Yes, there are some instances where the content is
the attractant but for the mainstream user, it also means using all elements
of the design to influence your customers into staying long enough to want
to return (including shiny objects, if warranted).

Shelby Cook

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> Actually, they know they have something worthwhile to say and
> that they
> don't have to lure readers in with a bunch of flashy
> gee-gaws.  The WWW was
> created to exchange ideas, not to tantalize surfers like a
> bunch of babies
> staring at shiny objects.
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> don't you think these jakob nielsens, eric steven raymonds
> just promote what
> they call useable sites (ie no graphics, backward compliant)
> because they
> can't actually design?

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