Re: Start with HTML or XHTML? (slightly OT)

by "Darrell King" <darrell(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 14 Mar 2002 11:39:07 -0500
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I just loaded Mozilla .9.6 in 5 seconds to a blank page.

I think you must be clocking against NN6.0 or 6.1 or something...?  Must be
all the extra stuff AOL crammed into it...:)


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Darrell King hunted and pecked out this message on 3/14/2002 7:18 AM

>My Mozilla build (.9.6) loads as quickly as my NN4.71.

This is most likely the trouble. You should be using 4.7.9 not 4.7.1.
Mine loades in 4 seconds when I press my F2 key. I don't know how bad the
PC version is, but the Mac version is awesomely fast and stable. And it
WON'T let you show pages with bad or incompletel code, very important for
good "XHTML" habits.

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