Re: Start with HTML or XHTML? (slightly OT)

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Or, put another way. Remember when cars could use leaded gasoline? Then all
of the sudden, it was done away with. Now all cars MUST use unleaded. Sure,
older cars will run on unleaded, but ALL new cars are made to run on
unleaded. The old cars eventually wear out and end up in the scrap yard.
Eventually, the owner of the now worn out old car, with next to impossible
to find parts is forced to retire the old car and buy a newer model. And so
the cycle goes.... same with the web, same with most anything else.

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> I don't think anyone is against cbirds opinion... at least I'm not. I
> the point I'm trying to make is, like it or not, the internet will
> to evolve and advance, and older technologies will be replaced with new
> ones. We can either continue to grow with the web, or be left behind, to
> own detriment. The web is still relatively young. Ten years from now no
> will give a rat's @$$ about NN4, or HTML, 4.0, or for that matter XHTML
> CSS2. It will ALL be replaced with new technologies. We as designers must
> grow with it if we want to have any longevity in this field. That sums up
> point in a nutshell. I don't have anything against anyone that chooses to
> use whatever technology they want.

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