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by "Dennis K" <dennisk(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 19 Jul 2001 16:17:54 -0400
 To:  "Marc David Johnson" <mjohnson(at)>,
 References:  rcn ncua
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Nice effect. I have a page or two that I will be using this on also.
However, Netscape & Opera just display a regular page ... no table
scrollbar.   :-(

Dennis K

----- Original Message -----
> Using CSS : Just change the following height/width attributes to suit your
> needs. Hope that helps.
> <table height="200" width="300" border="1">
>   <tr>
>     <td height="40" colspan="2">Header Area (Remove if desired)</td>
>   </tr>
>   <tr>
>     <td width="100">Navigation (Remove if desired)</td>
>     <td width="200">
>       <div style="overflow:auto;width:200px;height:160px;">
>            Fill this area with data and it will overflow (it will create a
> scrollbar automatically for the data) ................
>       </div></td>
>   </tr>
> </table>

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