Re: Mac IE5 html bug = ampersand?

by "Tracey Huntingford" <thmail(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 25 May 2000 11:16:16 -0700
 To:  "Nathan Lyle" <natlyle(at)>,
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Tracey Huntingford thmail(at) asked:
> >> One of my clients is having a problem accessing pages with links such
> >> below. He is using an Imac with IE5. Can anyone running IE5 on a Mac
> >> or Imac try clicking these links and letting me know if they are a
> >>
> >>

"stacey" <anastasia(at)> replied:
> >- yep, it crashes the program every time you try to go to the second
> >stacey

"Nathan Lyle" <natlyle(at)> replied:
> Should there be two "&" in the address? I'm not sure that would be enough
> to crash the program... but I've only ever seen one ampersand at a time
> before... <shrug>

Will it work in Mac IE5 with just 1 ampersand like this?
I think the problem is any amount of ampersands which has to be a bug since
so many web apps need to use ampersands in their urls.

Tracey Huntingford
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