Re: favicon.ico and error404 showing up in Apache logs

by "Steve Mount" <steve(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:33:12 -0400
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No, they do not - the error is absorbed internally.  As I understand it, the
request is made when someone adds your site to their Favorites.  This should
give you some sort of indication to how many users are doing this - if it is
enough, you might want to make your site easier to find in their list by
making an icon available.  I created a very simple one that (hopefully)
makes my site stand out in that list.

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Subject: favicon.ico and error404 showing up in Apache logs

> Hi,
> I have been enjoying watching my Apache access logs in real-time and I
> have noticed that there are GET's for "favicon.ico", followed by a GET
> for "error404.html"
> If I remember correctly (???) favicon.ico is an IE call for a site's
> own icon. I certainly don't have any calls for it in MY pages.
> However, what really concerns me is the possibility that their browser
> is actually getting and showing a error404.html page because of
> Microsoft's misdeeds.
> What actually happens in terms of what the USER sees when IE calls for
> favicon.ico and there isn't one?  Do they really see a error404.html
> page -- which I DO have.
> Jay
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