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> Adding more fuel to the fire.
> I just received a text file notification for a mailing list and they offer
> versions - a text-based email or HTML email.  Below is their email
> both, and the reasons behind it.  These folks deserve a pat on the back by
> giving users the option to select which version they want!  Something you
> wish to consider. :)

They also deserve a poke in the eye with an extremely sharp stick!!

> "Two caveats you should know about before you sign up. First, I
> recommend that you be connected to the Internet while reading the
> HTML version of Broadband Report. There's a wide variety of minor
> technical reasons for that.
Can you say Banner Ads?
One of the Minor technical issues is the fact that PC Mag, Winmag, and the
rest of the Ziff Davis group serve ads that plant cookies on your harddrive.

>Even so, experienced readers will
> find ways to work around them. So, this isn't a hard and fast
> rule; but doesn't support reading of HTML versions
> off-line.

>For the record, our HTML newsletters are no different
> than those of our competitors. We're probably just a bit more
> upfront about some of the minor issues -- which have to do with
> the way HTML messages are coded.

See above.

Besides the obvious dangers of HTML e-mail, subscribing with HTML and
sharing any of my information with a third party is just like their

but don't take my word for it, turn off cookies in your browser and take
your HTML newsletters for a test drive.

the head lemur-alan herrell
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