Re: Whats this thing called?

by "Comharsa" <comharsa(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 4 May 2000 09:40:34 +0100
 To:  <hwg-techniques(at)>
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From: "Eric J Hoffman" <ehoffman(at)>

> Try "kiosk" mode.
> It operates at full address bar, menu bars, just the toolbar.
> When in IE, hit f11 to see what it looks like.  Hit f11 again to recover.
> There is a line command switch to make a browser do that..or you can set
> preferences for it to always operate that way.

Kiosk mode and Fullscreen are two different things. Kiosk mode doesn't even
have a toolbar. You can make Fullscreen appear the same by setting auto-hide
on the toolbar but it comes back when you mouseover in the right area.

To see what Kiosk mode looks like go to Start>Run, browse to a web page on
your HD and then in the command line type "iexplore -k" (without the quotes)
before it. Be aware that if you do not have your taskbar set to auto-hide
you will also lose this, and the only way to close this window is by

These instructions apply to IE5 and Win98 (other configurations not tried).


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