Re: Opening a page & submitting a form at same time, Lo-tech style

by "Paul Roberts" <roberts_paul(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 2 Dec 2001 12:31:37 -0000
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OK lateral thinking

<.form action=".http://localhost/test.html"  method="get"> <.input

will take you to the next page so either
1. add an onclick js to the submit button
2. write the form action with a js and have the plain redirect form tag as a
noscript element.

Paul Roberts

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Subject: Opening a page & submitting a form at same time, Lo-tech style

> I am trying to open a page and submit a form with one click of a submit
> button or link.
> That would be easy, but I am also making the following restrictions:
> 1) Don't use the CGI to open the web page, because the ISP's server
> has had problems in the past and not returned the "load this page"
> result in a reasonable amount of time.
> 2) Don't use JavaScript to open the page because I'm trying to work
> around customers who either don't have JavaScript activated or who are
> running into some weird JS problem that I haven't identified.
> Yah, that's overly restrictive. I'll tell customers that JavaScript is
> required, but only if I really really have to.
> This is my failed attempt (I changed the file names for brevity):
> < a href="destination.html"
> onClick="Trade_Info4Downloads.submit(); return true;">
> < img src="arrow4.gif">< /a>
> That will open the destination page, but it doesn't submit the form.
> You can see the above script at:
> It seems like the link is acting before the onClick handler can act. I
> also tried putting the submit method in the body tag's onUnload
> handler.
> Hmmmm, I can't tell if submit() is working at all!
> Ugh. Can someone please tell me how I should go about this? (Assuming
> there's a way other than telling the user what I require of them)
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