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 Date:  Sun, 22 Jul 2001 17:36:33 -0700
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I can think of two options, Karen...

The first is to set up a listserv on your email server (if available) --
that way it'd work much the same way these emails do (and you can configure
it to be moderated so any replies must be authorized by you or can go only
to you, and/or to prevent others from posting via the list period).

The other would be to put your group list in the BCC line, with a single
recipient (yourself) in the TO line, that way things will still go out as
expected, but all the email addresses would be masked/hidden.


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> I thought I had this figured out, but.......I've been using Netscape
> Mail program and have been sending out messages to customers by
> establishing a list card for a group and giving it the name "Noteworthy
> Customers". I could have sworn that when they received it, the To: field
> would give the list name instead of each individual's name and e-mail
> address. I tried to set up Outlook Express to do the same thing for
> another website, but when I sent messages out, even though I set up a
> group, each and every e-mail address came out on it (I added myself to
> test it). Now, I"m noticing that Netscape does the same thing when I
> test it. I want to set up mailing lists with a group name so that all
> the recipients don't see who else is on there. In other words, the To:
> should have "Noteworthy Customers" or "Music Education List" or whatever
> I name the list. Listbot is fading out, so I can't use that service. Any
> suggestions?
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> Karen Stafford
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