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The license was USD $200 last I checked, and is due to the fact that
development costs are incurred on the Windows port because of the
proprietary nature of the Windows code itself.

Open Source and Free Software doesn't always mean "No money required."  The
real meaning behind the terms is the availability of the source code to
anyone who wants it.  This makes the product something you can base your
development on without ever obligating yourself to any special entity.  The
idea is to make monopolies impossible.

MySQL is not a full member of this community in every technical aspect, but
it's damn close.  You can even avoid paying the Windows license by using a
version one older than current (I think 1.22 is free to use for development
purposes undfeer Windows.)

Bottom line is freedom of choice and not freedom of expense.  We all need to


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However, when I got to the Manual, I found the following comment: "For Unix
and OS/2 platforms, *MySQL* is basically free; for Microsoft you must get a
*MySQL* license after a trial time of 30 days."

What is this, let's hate Microsoft Week <grin>! Looks like that 'free'
is restricted after all.


Henry John Boleszny

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