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by "Cindy Stanley, SSS" <stanleysupport(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 2 May 2000 11:45:34 -0400
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From: Elizabeth M. Lukan <elizabeth(at)>
 >Does anyone know of a javascript, etc. that would allow just the image
 >specify to be printed when a print button is pressed?  We have a client
 >wants to put a coupon on his site which can be used online or printed
 >used at their retail location.  We'd like to save his site's visitors
 >printing the entire page just to get a 4" x 3" coupon.

Not sure of a js at this time, but you could opt to place a small
*blurb*, stating to simply highlight the coupon and right click and
choose print. Once their printer opens, they choose "print selection". I
guess this works across OS's and printers?

Cindy K. Stanley,  SSS
Stanley Support Service

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