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While I don't own a mac, 2 of my best customers do.  I have noticed, when
working with them, that a size 2 font is the smallest they can read well.
One of my clients had a site designed by a previous employee all in size
1... huge mistake. On the mac it looked like tiny ants.

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> Well, a client that forced me into using <font size=X> throughout their
entire site several month ago now has finally realized it's unreadable for
Mac's. The design (extremely rigid) restricts me into using a fixed size
(Verdana/Helvetica). I figure that pixels will have the best consistency.
> My question: what is the smallest readable font size, in pixels, for a Mac
user in that font (800X600 resolution)? I don't have a Mac to test on. Just
alot of complaints about it (which I warned them and I warned them)...
> righteously,
> Elizabeth

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