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 Date:  Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:53:38 -0800
 To:  "Andy Innes" <innax(at)>,
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You'll have to set your scripts to detect a bit more that just MSIE...
Here's the HTTP_USER_AGENT string for Opera, even when it's set to identify
itself as MSIE 5:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows XP) Opera 6.01 [en]

Notice that it includes it's real name in there...

Here's the other ID strings it can send:

Mozilla/3.0 (Windows XP; U) Opera 6.01 [en]
Mozilla/4.78 (Windows XP; U) Opera 6.01 [en]
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows XP; U) Opera 6.01 [en]
Opera/6.01 (Windows XP; U) [en]

In all cases, it does include its true identity in the tag, so just look for
that in your scripts.

Hope this helps!


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Subject: Opera Problems - anyone else

> Hi all
> I am busy writing a web site with two versions of the homepage - one with
> embedded flash image in a table cell, one with a jpeg in place of the
> file to degrade gracefully on Netscape and Opera.
> My default page does a browser detect and sends msie 4 or later to the
> with flash and all others to the one without (which displays correctly in
> 4.78 and Opera
> The problem here is that OPERA IDENTIFIES ITSELF AS IE5.0 BY DEFAULT!
> So - the script runs on Opera - detects ie5.0 - and sends Opera to the
> page, Opera reads the embed tag and creates a 3-4px gap around the Flash
> file, thus breaking the table.
> Can anyone think of a way around this?
> Please help
> Andy

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