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 Date:  Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:13:14 +1000
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(just bought my house at 22 thank you very much)

Jeez. Now all you need is a wife and a couple of kids and you'll have the
whole miserable package! :)  [Just joking, just joking]

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> Mike -
> As a high school kid just out of high school working mired in the
technology industry and making a damn good living (just bought my
> house at 22 thank you very much) at it, I resent the thought that there is
zero intelligence running around in kids these days.
> Granted, I certainly remember much of the rest of my class and it was
> Kathy -
> I like that G4, but it runs much faster with 1024MB in it :-)
> I also like the dual PIII 750 with 768MB, which happens to render more
than twice as fast, but who's counting?
> And to the original post -
> The statement about Mac resolutions is not entirely true. You can change
the desktop resolution on every Mac I've ever worked on
> including a G3 and G4. Perhaps you are referring to something with the
monitor built in and an OS specifically designed for that
> machine (Mac Classic? :-) but you are quite able to change the resolution
as much as you'd like. They may be in-between standards
> for the Windows platform (832x624 and so on), but that should be about all
one needs to look out for.
> Cheers,
> #Nathan
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> KathyW remarked so intelligently:
> >
> >Test, test, test, validate and don't break your heart when someone says
> >doesn't work on their version of
> >what-you-tested-it-on-and-it-really-did-work.
> >
> >Like you say ...
> > > Gotta love this industry!
> >Amen!
> >
> So true, and I'm so glad it's difficult.  No one pays good money for easy
> jobs that high school kids could do.  We have enough problems with high
> school kids as it is without making commercial and big sites easy for them
> to do as well.  Next thing we'll have high schools setting up web
> development companies as sidelines to help the building fund along! ..
> Sheesh!
> Cheers,
> Mike Kear
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> Windsor, NSW, Australia
> Now hosting ColdFusion sites.
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