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 Date:  Thu, 7 Sep 2000 15:34:23 -0400
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Personally, I have no problem with posting the person's name all over the
Web, but you should be sure that the issue is black and white.  Does the
site's owner know what's happening?  The host?  Did the webmaster do it of
her own volition, or is there a longer story involving the owner?

Once you are sure, see you lawyer.  One thing I do know, however, is that
word get around in the developer community...


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I also have an IMPORTANT  question...

What recourse do we have as web developers
to address an instance of blatant piracy? For example a web developer
has created a web site with a copyright notice in place 12/98. That notice
has since
been removed by a so called "webmaster" and her name put in place on or
about 02/00.
The coding is the same! The meta tags are the same! The original text
that was created for the site was retained.  The only difference is the
addition of another graphic which looks like it could have been stolen
from another site or d/l free from another source.

I am aware of the DMCA which protects us and this site to report the

That so called professional webmaster has refused to take down the new
notice!   The title tag also was moved so it is not right below the head
Maybe so it would like the site wasn't copied?

The original site is still backed up on another server with its copyright
in effect. Last time it was accessed according to the servers logs is 12/98
so in that we have proof that it is the same site.

I have no problem with another web developer coming in behind me and
a "new" site or even adding to it.

Maybe I am doing this thing wrong and we are still in the wild west stages
of the web,
but am I still supposed to contact the original developer when asked to
modify a site?

Am I not supposed to do this anymore?

What to do? Do we ignore this and write it off? Or do we fight back?
It is your court (my peers) now!   Thanks

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