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by "David Clapper" <dclapper(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 5 May 2000 05:58:18 -0700
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Hi Karen,

You have described what you know how to do.  To get people to
sit up and take notice, I suggest you describe what results that
has generated - what successes you have had in those 9 months
of experience, how they have enabled your clients/customers to
do something better/different/etc. - and how you can do the same
or better for others.

Just a thought ... 

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>From: Karen Ahrens <kahrens(at)>
>To: hwg-techniques <hwg-techniques(at)>
>Date: 5/5/00 6:49:45 AM

>How in the world do you break into this field? 
>	* I have a Master HTML 4 certification from Brainbench, I can
code by
>hand or use a variety of WYSIWYG editors,
>	* I am basically competent in JavaScript and am getting there
in Java,
>	* I have 9 months of experience in the field,
>	* I can do log analysis, search engine stuff and general maintenance.
>What other ticket do I need to punch to get a job? I can't even
get an
>interview. I am really, really getting discouraged and don't
know where
>to go from here. Insights would be incredibly welcome. I'm not
trying to
>be a rabid, wide-eyed amateur; I'm trying to do this 'right.'
>Thanks for putting up with a bit of sniveling, :D
>Karen Ahrens

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