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by "Kehvan M. Zydhek" <kehvan(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 12 Mar 2002 17:15:33 -0800
 To:  "Lauren Hanka" <bluejay(at)>,
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Considering that Netscape 6.x is based on the Mozilla GECKO engine, I =
don't see how you could be seeing anything remarkably different in =
Mozilla that you don't already see in NS6.x. The biggest differences =
between the two are that NS6.01 is based on a much older version of =
Mozilla (0.86 I think), and has had quite a bit of "bugfixing" since =
then. Maybe if you were to get the most current version of Netscape =
(v6.21), you'd find your pages don't look right in that browser, either.

Mozilla is currently THE most standards-compliant browser out there, and =
it's cross-platform. It's the engine being used in Netscape 6.x (Win, =
Mac, Linux), K-Meleon (Win), Konquerer (Linux), and dozens of other =
browsers for pretty much EVERY platform. Oh, surprise-surprise, it's =
also rumoured to be replacing the MSIE engine in AOL 8, due out later =
this year.

If your pages look odd in Mozilla, you will need to do some work on =
them, as these pages will likely look odd in other browsers using GECKO. =
It's what's coming. Embrace it. It's what we as designers have been =
BEGGING for for years (cross-platform, standards-compliant). Now that =
it's almost here, it's time to make our pages work with it. I've found =
from personal experience that a properly-formed and structured XHTML 1.0 =
Strict document looks virtually identical in Mozilla's GECKO as it does =
in MSIE 6 and Opera 6, with very subtle, minor, =
nothing-to-get-your-panties-in-a-bunch differences (like how the =
browsers wrap a form field using the fieldset tags -- MSIE rounds the =
corners, Opera doesn't put legends in the lines). Oh, and "default" =
table borders are different if they're not explicitly defined in the =
code. Big deal. :-)

Just my 2c.



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> I've never used the Mozilla browser, so yesterday, I downloaded =
version .9.8
> and took a look at *one* of my sites. That's all I could take.
> I love using a spacer gif placed in a td for specifying line height.
> Evidently, Mozilla has a minimum td height that looks to be about 19
> pixels --so much for fine lines! Is this a bug? Is there a way around =
it? I
> normally test in Opera 5.11, Netscape 4.5, Netscape 6.01, AOL 5., and =
IE 5.5
> as far as PC goes, and everything looks fine there.
> So what should I do? What am I to think? Mozilla .9.8 looks like a =
> goofy browser from my view... Please enlighten me...
> TIA,
> Lauren

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