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 Date:  Thu, 7 Mar 2002 12:30:47 -0800
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Good question! Although finding the answer, for my system at least, =
wasn't too hard. I built a very simple page with three tables, one at =
500px width, one at 600px width, and one at 700px width. I set the =
tables for default output (no page centering, etc) and filled them with =
two paragraphs, one using Verdana, one using Courier, with the standard =
test-text, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs." I then =
opened the page in my browser and printed it.

Now, on my system, I found I have 3/4" margins (I'm sure I set that =
somewhere, but forget exactly where at this time). With these margins, =
the 700px wide table was slightly cut off. I measured the margins and =
found that the 600px wide table would likely fit your requirements (3/4" =
on the left, 1.5" on the right, so with 1" margins, 600px should fit =

As a final test, I printed this same text without a table, and it =
wrapped at the margins of the browser AND the page (reformatting for =
printing). So unless a table is needed, doing it without is probably the =
best method.

Since I'm needing to build a page a page that is printable for a site =
I'm working on, this information turned out to be very helpful. I'm =
hoping that this information proves useful to you as well.

Good luck!
Kehvan M. Zydhek


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> I'm sure this has been asked before. What size do I need to make a =
table so
> that a form can be printed from a web page to fit a standard letter =
> paper with a 1 inch margin all around? I'm guessing about 500 px, but =
> know for sure.
> TIA,
> Lisa

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