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Odd... While I admit to seeing the stretched table effect in Opera, for
where I use tables, it's generally not that big of a deal for the site.
Confining TDs using CSS or inline styles helps, though, but isn't perfect.
The one thing I've not encountered (perhaps due to the inline or CSS styles
I use) is Paul's mention of all the excess space being dumped in the last
TD... That is odd... The worst I've seen of Opera's table adjustments is to
make SOME cells a bit larger, but when it does, it usually makes ALL the
cells larger, not just one.

Okay, so you guys have found some additional quirks about Opera and tables I
didn't feel were all that important. I guess they are. Opera also has other
quirks in it's rendering. But OVERALL, I still have to say I prefer Opera
6's rendering of NewTech pages over Netscape 4's rendering of the same page
any day. But that's me.

As for Konqueror, thanks for clearing that misconception of mine up Gregor!
I thought I had read somewhere that it uses the Gecko engine. My bad. That's
one of the reasons I'm interested in getting a Linux/WinXP dual-boot setup
one of these days, so I can learn more about Linux, it's browsers, and how
my pages render in it...

Have a good day,

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> > > I've found from personal experience that a
> > > properly-formed and structured XHTML 1.0 Strict document
> > > looks virtually identical in Mozilla's GECKO as it does
> > > in MSIE 6 and Opera 6, with very subtle, minor,
> > > nothing-to-get-your-panties-in-a-bunch differences (like
> > > how the browsers wrap a form field using the fieldset
> > > tags -- MSIE rounds the corners, Opera doesn't put
> > > legends in the lines).
> >
> >And Opera (and also IE5  for Mac) resizes table cells when
> >one would not expected that. Example:
> >
> >First cell should be 8px wide but in Opera it is not:
> >
> Opera is queer when it comes to tables. As far as I understand it, every
> browser tries to get the TD's to evenly stretch across the page, so that
> whitespace is divided roughly equally between the TD's. However, Opera
> all the whitespace in the last TD.
> Of course it depends on your design how much of a problem this is, but you
> should be aware of this unique behaviour.
> ppk
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