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> I have a window that opens a child window via a Javascript. There is a link
> in said child that I would like to redirect the parent onUnload (and close 
> of said child). Unfortunately, parent.location doesn't work since that 
> simply references the child. What do?

Pass a reference of the parent to the child. Following is a snippet
from one of my efforts. Hope it helps. :)

In the head:

function showAnswer(self_reference) {
nw ="","","");
if (!nw.opener) nw.opener = self;
  with (nw.document) {
    writeln("<body bgcolor=#ffffff>");
    writeln("<a href=\"javascript:this.close();\"onClick=\"" +
self_reference + ".location.href=\'\';\">LINKTEXT</a>");
  writeln("<a href=\"javascript:this.close();\">CLOSE</a></div>");

Somewhere in the body of the main window (this would open the child):

<a href="javascript:showAnswer(" + x + ",'opener.document');\"></a>

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