Re: Am I in a time warp?

by "Mike Kear" <choicemag(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 02 May 2000 11:29:28 EST
 To:  jmnc(at),
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... and John makes a very good point .... if it gets too easy, those of us 
who are trying to eke out a meagre dollar from building sites for people 
will have every pubescent smartass in the community competing with us using 
the computer in the school libraries.

People dont pay money for others to do the fun jobs or the easy ones.

Mike Kear
AFP Web Development
Windsor, NSW, Australia

>From: John Murray <jmnc(at)>
>To: hwg-techniques(at)
>Subject: Re: Am I in a time warp?
>Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 09:56:48 +1000
>This is a key point provided by others:
>"Like every other part of communication, you have to tailor your site to 
>Another point is:
>Do you want to be doing this stuff all of this decade? If you do, get used
>to the idea of tailoring one set of information for different delivery
>vehicles. That's why the XML thing is around. You got digital TV, mobile
>phone displays, fridge doors etc [I mean maybe fridge doors will be too
>cold to display red! :)]
>I know the frustration of having to seek out the "discrepancies" between
>getting stuff to work on different platforms. If you can crack the
>management of this kind of thing, however, you'll be better placed in the
>year 2005 to be a "gun webbie".
>Mac is just one more set of parameters on one more set of delivery
>mechanisms. See where I'm coming from?
>Have your list of delivery vehicles. Gather information about them. Sniff
>out what delivery vehicle users are using. Send a version that gives them
>great web.
>Anyone seen a killer "cheat sheet" for inconsitancies online anywhere?

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