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 Date:  Wed, 3 May 2000 05:54:26 -0700 (PDT)
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I was a big proponent of notepad until about 2 months

I completely agree with the idea of not touching front
page or dreamweaver with a barge pole.

BUT there are alternatives - my preferred choice is
HomeSite 4.5. To be honest I use it like notepad but
with some of the functions such as the HTML validator,
global search and replaces - so good!, line numbering,
indenting,undo etc

IMHO use notepad until you find yourself doing too
many repetitive things - then go to something like

To use the model t/cadillac comparison is not that
accurate as far as I see it. I personally can produce
pages just as fast in notepad as most people can in an
editor - often faster. And I don't personally find I
get headaches along the way. BUT I hate doing global
search and replaces in notepad so I started using
homesite and every now and again I find a new feature
that speeds things up ever so slightly.

The big thing for me tho is the multi undo button -
you can keep going back and undoing even if you've
saved the file. Which is great for the times you've
spent 2 hours doing something and just realised it was
completely wrong.

Faster? maybe but only slightly
Better? hmmmm

front page and dreamweaver produce pages according to
the way they were programmed. If you know enough to
disagree/dislike the way they do things then fair
enough but they are a damn good way of allowing a
nonskilled person to produce a website - I recommend
front page to anyone who wants a website but doesn't
want to learn html (saves me a lot of headaches in the
long run!)

an editor will make the code more legible, give you
shortcuts, helpful tools etc but it won't write GOOD
code for you. So I guess it comes down to whatever you
feel comfortable with.

Andy Dunbar

p.s. first thing i did was turn the tag finisher off!

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