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by "Mike Kear" <choicemag(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 11 May 2000 11:06:33 EST
 To:  jnwhittley(at),
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Nancy, your experience has been the exact opposite of mine.  Interesting.   
Shows how richly diverse our Internet world is!  That's the main thing I 
love about this business.

>I think if you offer your readers the option of html and text you are 
>the best of both worlds.  I personally don't think it has to be ONE or the
>OTHER. Give people options and let THEM choose what they want!

You make a point that's so blindingly obvious and sensible, I'm not at all 
surprised I didn't think of it.  (I've scoffed at most of the excellent 
opportunities in my life that later turned out to be winners, and taken on 
far too many losers).

Of course we ought to offer our customers the chance to get their 
information in the format they want it.

Quite right.

Mike Kear
AFP Web Development
Windsor, NSW, Australia

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