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by "Mr.Wizard" <sdeemer(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 18 May 2000 11:12:35 -0700 (PDT)
 To:  "Donna M. Jaggard" <donna(at)>,
 Cc:  heather(at), Ben Ocean <beno(at)>, hwg-techniques(at)
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>From what I understand Networksolutions is the Father
to all such as had taken ove rfor
the, Or so I am told but I am sure some
of you will quickly correct me if I am wrong... All
that will happen is any change made to a Forum will be
submitted to All Contacts on the list I.e. Billing
E-mail Admin E-mail and the Technical contact.. What
will need be to happen is one of those contacts will
need to reply with an Answer. However.. If you are
making a change in the E-mail Contact list it will
need to verified with from what I understand the other
two contacts to make sure this is true.. I had done
this about a year ago so I really do not remember the
entire job and forum involed But there is another
thing they can help you with.. If the name change is
an important one you will be able to contact them and
Faxed them you rletter head and a few other docs to
verify and it will be done inside 3 days.. 

--- "Donna M. Jaggard" <donna(at)> wrote:
> On Thu, 18 May 2000, Mr.Wizard wrote:
> > Oh Come Now.... Ben Why not just go through the
> > where you will find your
> > answers...  Again I agree too much on the words
> > Govermental Agency.. 
> Since he registered with and not
> Network Solutions, how in
> the world is Network Solutions supposed to help?
> Personally, I won't use Whether or not
> they've fixed up
> their policies in the last year, they annoyed me
> enough when they let two
> people register the same domain, have admin control
> over the domain, and
> took the money from both of us. Turns out, the other
> party had registered
> it two days before we had. They refunded the money,
> but my opinion of them
> pretty much got shot to pieces with that little
> fiasco. (Took over a week
> to get things sorted out.)
> I've started using
> ( -- so far, I'm
> pretty happy. Happy enough that I moved two of my
> domains from NetSol over
> to them recently. Everything is going okay so far.
> :) 
> -d

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