Re: Frames & targets & tables ~~ OH MY!!!

by "Kat" <iam2wish4(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 19 May 2000 14:15:49 -0700
 To:  "Mike Kear" <choicemag(at)>,
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    Thank you, thank you.... I am in your debt!  (No one ever seems to want
to answer frames questions... could it be that they are just as confuzzled
as I?  LOL)  Yeah,  so I finally nailed the frames thing -- right now simply
via FrontPage but I couldn't even make it successful through them before...
now I can study my own source code and learn to do it myself!

    Well, I just got pointed in the direction of a very interesting new
navigation bar... I just now uploaded the script to my newly established
"tester" site (there is no body yet, only the navigation bar, this really is
only a site for testing new scripts, etc., but this is the BOMB for any
puter nerd like myself.... it's only viewable in IE 4x
and/or NetScape 4x, but the way I see it is, if someone is THAT far behind
the times, then they don't really care to see new technology anyway!
    Anyway, you have to check out this navigation bar, I successfully set up
the skeleton (of course I will personalize it very soon!) in moments, and it
was very easy!  My URL is:
.... Again, no body yet (unless I put something up *really* quick right now
such as a pic of my Rottie or some silly thing, lol), but the bar is
amazing!  (Or fun?  Useful?)  To me, anyway... basically, it's one bar at
the top of the browser window, but as you hold the mouse over each menu
button, more menu buttons pop up (or shall I say down?) under it!  (Much of
the bar's content on my test site is generic, provided by the writer of this
script, at least for now -- I just wanted to set it up quickly and test it
out for myself.)  BTW, I got this script at ... for anyone
interested in this OR 100's + more Java, HTML, etc., scripts, as well as
graphics... the whole sha-bang!  Anything from the bubble gum, teenie bopper
stuff to serious programming, this site,, seems to have
more than any site I've personally seen yet!
    Hope some of you enjoy I know that I have, and I've
barely gotten a peek at it yet.
Happy Surfing,

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: NOpe, on second thoughts I looked a bit harder for the url for the
tutorial, and I found it.   It's much better that you see it on the author's
own site, because he's done a great job of writing it.  He's got a frames
tutor, forms tutor,tables tutor, and lots of great tips and hints.
Specially for beginners.
: It's at
: Cheers,
: Mike Kear
: AFP Web Development
: Windsor, NSW, Australia
: >From: "Kat" <iam2wish4(at)>
: >To: <hwg-techniques(at)>
: >Subject: Frames & targets & tables ~~ OH MY!!!
: >Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 23:09:48 -0700
: >
: >Hello, I am an HWG "newbie" ... I have so many questions, I wouldn't know
: >where to begin!  Reading many of these posts answers some of them, that
: >for sure.
: >
: >One question that is frustrating me.... it was just posted the last day
: >so, about frames and the target being properly set up!  I will go to (was
: >Kathy?) their site to look at the source code, and see if I find *my*
: >mistakes... meanwhile, anyone who has advice on simple frames ~~ i.e.,
: >vertical split, the left frame being the basic "table of contents" that
: >*remain* throughout all the link clicks ~~ would make me grateful,
: >I can make a "pretty" site without the frame, but I am stubborn and am
: >and determined to get this one thing right, once and for all!
: >
: >I know that (1) there is a code about 'base ref' so that it's easier for
: >referring to links (less typing!) .... but I've forgotten it, and it
: >help immensely if someone would remind me of this, and (2) that there is
: >'a href' code about targeting for frames.... again, I cannot remember it.
: >Please, help, before I have lost *all* of my hair from this pulling....
: >women aren't considered attractive these days!  (And no, I don't have a
: >current URL to link here for anyone to examine the code, as I am quite
: >perfectionist and won't publish a site that isn't working... I have one
: >sitting here in My Documents that would be publishable, but I want to
: >it with either frames or CSS first!  Easy navigation is my goal.)
: >
: >I'd like to curtsy, and say.... "Wow!  Am I ever humbled?!?"  I've
: >some web sites that others have said, "You must be a professional!"....
: >my first one, which I thought was sloppy!  Now, I am being offered the
: >lovely American dollar or so to build a site, and subsequently a
: >of several more by word of mouth from this one person alone.... My sites
: >that I previously designed looked very nice, and I was proud of myself,
: >using first FrontPage (now with MS Office 2000 Premium... which has
: >immensely improved FrontPage, it's worth the program for that itself!)
: >the basic setup, and then editing the HTML to embellish with my own
: >and make it more mine.  And my HTML knowledge has been improving...
: >especially thanks to my 13 yr. old son, who shares my love for computer
: >creating, and who also happens to already be a great programmer; he
: >be a member of this guild!  (Is it OK for a 13 yr. old to join, anyway?
: >wants to know this?!?)
: >
: >Anyway, my "curtsy" is to you all, as I read post after post, and learn
: >much more than any book (yawn) could show me, as well as studying the
: >codes of sites I like, which I admit to have done.  (Hey, who hasn't?)
: >
: >Thanx ahead of time,
: >     ~~KAT~~

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