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by "Kat" <iam2wish4(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 21 May 2000 12:31:43 -0700
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Ironic thing is, I just reformatted three weeks ago, as I was tired of my
system crashing and tired of searching for the solution.  I considered not
installing AOHell again, but my roommie is moving out in August, and *is* my
best friend, so I installed it.
    Thing is, here's the deal.... I reinstalled them, but *before* I went to
the Windows 98 Upgrade site... and of course went there mainly for IE5.1 et
al .... so, it was a brand new download as well as installation, so it was
very clean, and (knocking on wood!) it seems to be working better than
before!  I do still make sure I reboot after the demon ISP has been run,
because it still slows down my computer (not just the browser), and I don't
want to lose work, especially now that I'm getting more into typing out HTML
tags and rarely using HTML editing progs anymore!
    Anyway, I don't know if you've simply run the iesetup.exe (or whatever
the installation prog name for IE is) or not, but before doing the hateful,
tedious reformat.... uninstall IE altogether, go to Windows 98 Upgrade site,
download IE5.1 (or 5.5 if you're into the beta; I'm a little afraid of beta
right now after all I've been through!), and then do a clean install of IE.
I'm no expert on this, as I've never had a crash till the demon came into my
computer (and I am the one that first introduced them, for keeping up w/long
distance family, etc.!), but in doing a very clean download/reinstall of IE
*after* having installed AOL, I am having less problems than before.  They
are still a hassle and a nuisance to my computer, but less so!
    Anyway, hope that helps anyone w/the AOHell 5 problem, especially if it
must be kept on their computer for some reason!

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 Kat, I'll send this off-list seeing as it seems to be turning into a
: rant.... but yes, I have exactly the same problem with the machine that
: Pointy-Haired Boss installed AOH on--- he thinks they're a great ISP too,
: but since their software keeps crashing his machine, he seems to have
: decided maybe they're not so great after all. I can't find what's causing
: at all, and spent a while last week trying to restore IE5 as the default
: browser... with total failure, and now discover from the list that it's
: going to be a reformat job.
: All I can say is get yourself another roomie!!
: Good luck

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