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    (This may seem a bit off subject for HTML to some... however, for those
who use AOL and want better connection and less "bumping off" prob's, this
means getting more work online done with less interruptions... and this
*does* apply to HTML when you're trying to get your online work done without
being bumped off, having connection prob's, etc.!)

    Yes, you can run another ISP alongside.  As a matter of fact,
unless/until you decide to get rid of AOL, you can get AOL for $9.95 a month
rather than full charge, yet with "full member" account use intact, by
setting up your other ISP, then going to AOL's keyword "billing" and
changing your billing to BYOA -- Bring Your Own Account.  Then, what you do
is sign first onto your other ISP, *then* on to AOL using the location on
the signon screen that says "TCP/IP connection", rather than "Home", etc.
.... you will not lose your AOL account this way, and as a matter of fact
your full account will be cut in half cost-wise.
    They actually encourage the BYOA billing setup!  (Again, my roommie
still loves them, and that is how I have his AOL set up, is BYOA, so I'm
used to doing this.)  I could be wrong on this, but I *believe* they
encourage this so that you are using another ISP's access node, rather than
one of AOL's (because, after all, you would already be connected to the
internet, so your connection to AOL is much faster.... which is rather nice,
actually; all they do is a password check, and you're ON)... hence, AOL's
connection nodes are being used less, meaning they don't have to worry about
installing more access nodes as often!
    If I'm not clear enough on how to do this, you can either go straight to
AOL's keyword "billing" and it explains it pretty simply, or you can email
me directly and I'll go into simple "step-by-step" detail for you.
Actually, AOL access is *much* faster and easier via another ISP, so if you
still want to keep them, I encourage you to use another one!  (Plus, less
cash to put out, LOL .... as I've stated earlier, I use a "freebie" ISP --
I'm a slightly-starving musician, so any cut in cost helps right now -- and
my roommie pays for the AOL, but it saves him more than half the monthly fee
using BYOA, *and* he gets bumped off of AOL much less than he did when he
was connected to them directly!)
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: Hi,
: I have an AOL connection on my computer, but I would like to run another
: alongside. Now, is this possible using DialUp networking?  I don't want to
: lose my AOL account yet.
: TIA,
: Peter

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