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by "Kat" <iam2wish4(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 21 May 2000 23:46:57 -0700
 To:  "jon jackson" <jon.jackson1(at)>,
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Well, I can only speak from experience using IE, as I never use Netscape...
I'm assuming it's about the same, but I'll only vouch for IE.
    I'm sure you're aware that not all email recipients can receive HTML
mail, so of course make sure that they can, first.  (Hotmail can, I know, as
I use it and constantly receive HTML mail, as well as web sites in my email
rather than links and/or attachments.

    While viewing the page you wish to send (in IE, as I said), click on
"File" then go down to "send"... then click on "Page by email" .... then,
all you have to do is put in your destination addy, and TA DA, all done!  I
love this method, it's very convenient.  Hope that helps.
    TTFN,    ~~KAT~~

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: hello you techniques list
: please please can anyone tell me how to send a web page in an e-mail?
: I know about sending as attachment and I've tried cut&paste from
: thanks

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