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by "Kat" <iam2wish4(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 26 May 2000 03:25:32 -0700
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Hiya, HWG'ers!
    Kat again.... with another question, what else is new?  Can't help it,
I'm too inquisitive!   <grin>

    I am not very familiar with graphics and/or graphics programs, as I've
never really needed to work with them before, and my time always gets eaten
up elsewhere.  Now, however, I'd like to take some time to create a logo of
    It'll really have to be kind of "generic" as I not only am starting out
with a (for now VERY small) web designing business, but I also make and sell
incense, scented oils, sachets, potpourri, etc., as well as a variety of
crafts, and I'd really like to have one logo/design for both endeavors, to
make it more simple.  (i.e., a trademark design that would go on my sites,
and also would look nice on my incense, etc., labels!)  I'm already selling
my incense, crafts, etc., products to several local stores, and my labels
are so plain.... a logo would dress it up nicely, so I'd really like to work
on a design ASAP.
    Anyway, I really don't have a lot of time to do a bunch of intricate
graphic designing work, not to mention I don't have experience in that area!
Also, my poor little hard drive can't handle a large graphics program.... I
haven't been able to afford that extra slave hard drive just yet -- very
soon, but not just yet!

    SO!!!  How many of you know of any good yet economical and hopefully
small (as in meg's) program I could get ahold of to play around with and
create such a logo?  Any software and/or link suggestion, or any such
advice, would be VERY welcome and greatly appreciated.
    TIA,    ~~KAT~~

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