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Sorry I wasn't more specific.  I meant Yahoo! Sites.

As I've said before, I've done really well getting
high search rankings on new sites (top 10 many times,
top 30 on really popular key words), but taking a site
that already exists and getting higher rankings seems
to be a lot more difficult, especially in Yahoo!  I've
been working on this with the current site and have
gotten some of the primary key words to move up, for
example from 90th to 60th... but its still not nearly
close enough.

If you want into new catagories, it says to use the
change request form.  I do subscribe to (BEST site for this kind of
information) and of course Yahoo doesn't have a very
good track record with the change request form which
proved out for me as well.  I don't know what else to
do.  Our CEO is hung up on getting high rankings in
Yahoo regardless where we are with any other sites
(even though he's been told that AOL and MSN have huge
market shares as well).  I can't even get Yahoo! to
reliably pick up that our company has changed company
names (from Executive Extension Inc to eei Solutions)
a year ago.  Most of the time we come up on the
searches it still shows the old name.

ARGH!  (BTW:  AOL and MSN, of course, have picked up
all the necessary changes)


--- Noteworthy Web Designs
<webmaster(at)> wrote:
> When you say "Yahoo", do you mean your ranking in
> their web SITES or web
> PAGES? Web sites results are from the category sites
> that are
> hand-picked. Anyway, in this case, you might want to
> e-mail Yahoo
> personally. There's also a place on the submission
> section where you can
> make modifications.
> For the other searches, they're going to pick up on
> the fact that
> changes have been made. I really recommend
> WebPosition to run the site
> thru to see different pages stack up in their Page
> Critic. It's not
> totally foolproof, but it gives a good indication.
> Also, check your keywords, not only in the tags, but
> in the text itself.
> Submit different pages of the site, and cater the
> keywords to reflect
> those differences so you have as many variables as
> possible. Many
> searches will consider it spamming if you load the
> tags with tons of
> keywords, so submitting different pages (advice:
> only one a day per
> engine, or again, it'll be considered spamming) will
> help.
> Your company might also consider purchasing domains
> for pointers, each
> domain with a major keyword in it. These domains can
> all be submitted,
> and if someone clicks on their link in the search,
> it will default to
> the original.
> But, again, I would definitely get WebPosition and
> read up on places
> like SearchEngine Watch. I'll tell you.......these
> searches change their
> algorithms, spiders, and buy each other out so fast,
> you really need
> these resources just to keep up!
> EmeraldSpirit wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > This is a search engine ranking question...
> >
> > I'm in charge of the redesign/launch of our new
> > corporate website.  Our company is a small company
> > with a very diverse set of services and products.
> > We've recently been acquired by a French IVR
> telecom
> > company and while the our company is still doing
> the
> > same type of work, our focus has shifted rather
> > dramatically to one product/service (IVR).
> >
> > Because of this shift in focus, the new site is
> not
> > only considerably different from the old one, but
> > we'll want the search engine ranking to reflect
> our
> > change of business focus.
> >
> > The new site will be going up under the same
> domain
> > name as our current site
> (
> > and it will be replacing the current site.  I've
> taken
> > previous conversations to heart, and will be
> making
> > sure to cover any bookmarks and redirect to
> > appropriate page in the new site.
> >
> > What is the best way to go about getting the site
> > reindexed in the various search engines? 
> Specifically
> > (yipes) Yahoo?  I've been successful at getting
> high
> > rankings in Yahoo for new sites, and somewhat
> > successful at maintaining the rank ... but I've
> been
> > completely unsuccessful at breaking into new
> > catagories or significantly increasing current
> > rankings, which is exactly what I'll need to do in
> > this scenario.
> >
> > Any suggestions from those who have been there?
> >
> > TIA,
> >
> > Rebecca
> >
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