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 Date:  Tue, 4 Dec 2001 12:23:24 -0800 (PST)
 To:  HWG Techniques <hwg-techniques(at)>
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I second Sylvia: Some browsers don't support PNG yet.

I was surprised to find that Netscape 4.78/Mac  DID support your
graphic (it's a horizontal bar, orangy-yellow on the left and the rest
Meanwhile, IE 5.0 SR 1  did NOT support the PNG. Earlier, I'd been
pleased to find that the IE docs that came with the browser actually
listed technology supported by IE 5/Mac. Supposedly, IE's Tasman
rendering engine supports PNG. Oh, well.

Waiting for PNG,

--- Jacqueline Sylvia <jsylvia90(at)> wrote:
> Hi Claus,
> This is another issue that I am not technically proficient about, but
> from 
> what I understand (in my readings and research) many browsers simply
> do not 
> support the PNG format yet, or they require a plug-in for the PNG to
> be 
> displayed.  So at this point I simply avoid using the PNG format
> until it is 
> more universally accepted.
> Here is an article from web, that can likely tell you much
> more 
> than I can:
> Hope this helps,
> Jacqueline Sylvia

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