Re[2]: strange problem with image in td cell

by Nathan Lyle <nathan(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 6 Sep 2002 12:54:35 -0400
 To:  Chip Wiegand <chip(at)>
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> Turns out the problem is in the browser, I tried a couple other browsers
> and it looks fine. The browser I am using for testing is the Linux
> version of Netscape 7pr1 on FreeBSD. I checked the page on a windoze box
> in both IE and Netscape and it is fine.

I'd say that confirms it then. It's not actually a browser "problem"
as it is a necessary shift in understanding on the designer's part.
The space that images are rendered in are being dealt with more
properly by the newer browsers, but it means changes in the old sloppy
code. :) Try that style sheet thing I sent, and I bet the problem goes
away. (You could also put the style code directly in the img tag, as

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