Re: Missing Right Scrollbars

by Melanie Gann <mgann(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:53:18 -0400
 To:  Melanie Gann <mgann(at)>,
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Sorry, I forget to mention (and it is very key) that the scrolbars are thre
in IE, but not NN.

At 11:39 AM 9/27/00 -0400, Melanie Gann wrote:
>The following page is not a no scrollbar options are set.
> right scrollbars are missing, and I have no clue why:
>Any help is appreciated.
>P.S. <divs> are used. I tried eliminating the height parm to see if that
>had an impact.
>Melanie Gann
>Second Street Web Design
Melanie Gann
Second Street Web Design

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