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by Melanie Gann <mgann(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:56:42 -0400
 To:  "Peter-Paul Koch" <gassinaumasis(at)>,
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Thanks for looking at it.

a) I could not see the reported typo: Ttyle instead of Style.
b) I tried the <P>&nbsp;</P>'s (like about 30 of them), as well as shrinking
   the height of my div to 10 (so it would really, really think its full),
   and still did not get the scrollbars.

Mystified??? Ah well I'll sleep on it. Sometimes that works the best.

At 08:36 PM 9/27/00 GMT, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
>O sorry, forgot to answer the original question: You want absolutely 
>positioned DIV's to stretch the page up so that it can contain them all. 
>This simply doesn't work in Netscape, it doesn't make a scrollbar. This is a 
>bug, not a feature.
>Solution: put enough <P>&nbsp;</P>'s in the page to make the page long 
>enough and artificially generate a scrollbar.
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