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 Date:  Thu, 11 May 2000 20:18:26 +0000
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At 08:03 11-05-00 +0800, you wrote:
>hello everybody!
>i need to get a website out today, very urgently and i need to get one of
>the javascripts done.  problem is, i have been working on it for two days
>now and i am not getting anywhere.  it should be an easy one (quick poll)
>for the experts but i know javascript next to nothing.  i have tried the
>other ready-to-use scripts but i couldn't just get it done.
>here's the temporary site of the prototype:  i need help on the mock poll...

  The only thing about "poll" I found in the html source was that below

<!-- Start of EZPoll Code v1.0 - brought to you by --> 
<script language="Javascript">
var zcode = " ";

<script src="">

<script language="Javascript">

<!-- End of EZPoll Code -->

So what is the problem with JavaScript on this.?
It is so simple that IMHO  the problem is with some
code in the ezpoll.html  script source.

But if that is the code then it should have  .js  extension

If that ezpoll.html  is actually CGI code then it should not be 
in <script> </script> tags.

If that is really  javascript code then you should not pass
parameters to it.

But after first checking I found that your voting works - at least
in Opera browser.  So, JavaScript is OK.  After next inspection
I found some cookie code which block next vote for seven days.

Conclusion:  voting works properly but if you repeat vote
  then it is blocked and this appears as voting does not work.

BTW  I would put first two script parts to head section of your page
     and third part leave in the body section where it is now.

Romek Zylla
~~~~~~~~~~~  after all the work done by Micro$oft (R)  ~~~~~~~~~~
        Personal Computer Science is an experimental one (C)

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