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At 13:52 27-05-00 +0100, you wrote:
>While I think of it I have another problem.
>On the whole page will not upload.  
>The source code gets cut off somewhere near the end.

  The lines are too long.  There is single CR or LF in the code.
  And there is probably limit of line length when uploading
  file to the server in ASCII mode.

>I have shortened the HTML and it is now all on one line which 
>has allowed it to show more but not quite all.

>Any ideas what is happening?

  You probably use Mac for page creation  and  PC for page
  uploading in ASCII mode.

  Please validate you code as well - on first sight I see
  doubled  <body> tag - there is better chance of rendering
  the page if code validates.

BTW  some images are not showing up in my browser.

>Andrew D.J.Burge

Romek Zylla
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