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 Date:  Fri, 01 Sep 2000 21:01:53 +0000
 To:  John Allred <allred(at)>
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At 12:56 01-09-00 -0500, you wrote:

>In the second line you list below, you have:
>which is the source for the image file. Since the image is enclosed by the
>anchor reference (A HREF), you don't need a query string added to the gif
>filename. And I think the validator doesn't like one attached to a gif,
>either. So, try shortening this to:


>The validator behaves kind of funny. Try removing the query string on the
>gif image first, then try it. I'm thinking that will clear up the earlier
>problem in the first line, allowing you to leave the entire query string as
>you have it.

  The problem with the Validator AND code of that page is
  in  &  character  which is interpreted as the start character
  for some entity name. =20
  One can avoid the error by replacing  & character within the=20
  URL string with  %26   (which is HEX code for &)

>If that clears up the problems, great. If not, then:
>In the first line you list below, where you have:
>... ect-home/eastersealswisco?tag-id=3Deastersealswisco&placement=3Dhome-bt=

  So the above link will be changed to=20

>I would shorten this to:
>... ect-home/eastersealswisco ...

  No need to do so

>The second "tag-id" field certainly doesn't add any new information. Not
>sure what "placement" is supposed to do.
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