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 Date:  Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:26:19 +0000
 To:  Steve Segarra <ssegarra(at)>
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we are talking about browser's javascript and server exchange
of information and interpretation of headers. =20
So it is out of our decision.

Of course one can put that info in a static way.  More over
one can use SSI for that info generation and pick that info
for other than the file that is actually sent to the browser.
  That way one can have modification date for "content" part
of the generated page.

At 17:02 09-07-01 -0400, you wrote:
>> You know, that's a thought that should have hit me square up side the=
>> a lot sooner than it just did. If a part (any part) of the page is being
>> created dynamically, then the modified date would *have* to be today.
>This is not necessarily true.  Just because the page is generated does
>not mean it has been modified.  The last modified date is the date when
>the actual content of the page changes, more than the an banner ad, or
>date, or whatever.  For example, think of all the sites that provide
>news articles.  The article remains the same while some things may
>change, ie. the banner ad, the date, layout, but the content is still
>the same.  And since the content is the subject matter is has not
>changed through generation and should have a last modified date of
>whenever a change ot the important content was made.  Now, determining
>what the important content is up to you, the author...
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