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by Michelle Brown <mab(at)OREGON.UOREGON.EDU>

 Date:  Thu, 25 May 2000 11:58:15 -0700
 To:  "Villano,
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I have recently converted to Office 2000 and found this same terrible new
development.  What I do is use Dreamweaver to clean Office 2000 (Word)
HTML, which seems to work...sort of...

Then I use dreamweavers "File -> Convert -> Convert for HTML 3.0 Compatible
Browsers" feature.

That will strip out most of the crappy and unreadable CSS that word generates.
and switch it to regular HTML...  I can then go back and apply my style
sheet if I so desire..

anyhow, it seems to help on my files to this...and it is for use on my
INTRANET, so I leave it at the best I can make it in a reasonable amount of
time.  It ain't for the public so it doesnt have to be perfect, it just has
to be quick...or so seems to be the consensus here.


At 01:08 PM 5/25/00 -0400, Villano, Paul wrote:
>I have been struggling with this same problem for the last few days.  (In
>fact, I thought I posted a message on this same subject to this list.)
>Anyway, neither the Dreamweaver 3 fix nor the Word Compact HTML fix worked
>for me.  
>PowerPoint 97 had a fairly useful "Save as HTML" file (I never used the Word
>version).  But the Office 2000 "Save as a Web Page" option is horrendous.
>Adds a lot of crap code.  I tried using the Word Compact HTML fix (a
>download from the MS Office site) but the end result was virtually identical
>to the garbage code of the original.  So I tried the Dreamweaver 3 demo.
>That stripped ALL of the tags (good and bad) out of the page, so I was left
>with a 100-page paragraph with no tags at all and a few lines of machine
>My last resort is having downloaded Star Office from the Sun site because I
>heard it does a rather nice job of conversion.  But the StarOffice suite
>includes e-mail components I don't need, so I'm a bit leery of installing it
>for fear of the e-mail feature destroying my current MS Exchange/Outlook
>settings.  (The Star Office download was in 7 parts so I don't know if it
>will prompt me only for the things I want or will automatically install the
>e-mail portion without my consent.)
>-- to the glory of GOD and the greater good 
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>> My problem is I use an HTML editor and so I can barely follow the messed
>up code that Word
>> generates.
>> Is there a utility to clean up the Word Code?
>There is a Word plug-in called MS Office HTML Filter, or Compact HTML,
>available I believe at Microsoft's website (sorry, I don't remember the
>details). It will take a Word file that has been "Save[d] As HTML" and
>"export" it to a supposedly slimmed-down version of the code. The end result
>is still pretty disgraceful, though...good luck!
>Raymond Mosley

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