Re: New Window

by Tamara Abbey <tamara(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:18:31 -0500
 To:  "Robert" <bhe(at)>,
 References:  pacbell
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Dennis??? Are you still with us?

Robert, HWG member Dennis showed me some work he did that included a 
javascript that closed a mini-window after a certain period of time. I know 
he cautioned me that the script was a little *rough* but if the window 
closed all on it's own, then would you need an extra *close* or *alert* 


At 09:14 PM 9/23/00 -0400, Nancy Whittley wrote:
>That sounds more like a JavaScript alert box function to me..  if you just
>have a small amount of text to show.  I would think that would work better.
>Not sure if there is a way
>to control the windows.  Others may know.
> > Is there a way when opening a new window, to not allow another window to
> > open until the original is closed?  Basically I want to have a hyperlink a
> > page to enable the user to display a small amount of text and do nothing
> > until that text (and its window) is closed and goes away.

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