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by "Michael I. Bitton" <mbitton(at)mibdevelopment.com>

 Date:  Fri, 06 Jul 2001 17:23:41 -0500
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This thread is great in that it underscores the fact that different people 
like different things. Same applies to entire "target audiences".

With that said, I do find it hard to believe that certain people/audiences 
prefer text-only Web sites.  Are these strictly informational database 
sites?  I'd like to learn more about those sites and who uses them so I can 
be sure not to design sites inappropriately.

In general I agree that many sites contain far too much pizzazz and twirly 
flashie thingies.  To me they represent sites designed by people with 
little or no graphic design ability.  (exception:  sites targeting kids).

A Web site for a retail business, for instance, must do its job much in the 
same way the retailer uses print and television for advertising.  Obviously 
the Web offers far more than those media, both in graphic possibilities and 
in depth of content.  Nevertheless the foundation is the same:  Attract the 
reader, then provide useful content to keep him/her there and return again.

Imagine receiving an advertising circular in your Sunday newspaper that 
contained only text, no images, photographs, color, use of fonts, attention 
to layout, design, flow, etceteras.  I doubt it would be read by the masses.

Just my two cents :)

Michael Bitton

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