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by "Michael I. Bitton" <mbitton(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 15 Jul 2001 21:53:15 -0500
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Hi Nate,

Great question!  I can't think of a single reason to pay $35 anymore.  It 
used to be the standard price that Network Solutions charged - and they 
were pretty much the only game in town.  But times have changed and you 
have hundreds of options for registering domain names.

I use the service found at  It's part 
of, a network of resellers.  Using the link above you can 
register domains for only $9.99 per year.  With NameBegin you get a free 
Parking Page, free URL forwarding, complete control over your DNS, contact 
info, etceteras.

Watch out though, if you go to you'll see the same page 
but the price is $13.95.  (Each reseller can choose his/her own 
price).  Use the long link above to get the $9.99 price.

I've registered over 30 domains through these folks and enjoy complete 
control of my domains, DNS, etc. through an easy to use web interface.

(BTW, I'm not in any way affiliated with the service recommended 
above.  Just sharing what I think is the best deal around for domain 

Good luck!


You wrote>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi all,

This may be a silly question:

I see various advertisements for registering domain names for as low as $10 
per year and as much as $35.

Can someone tell me what the difference is? Why would I choose to pay more? 
Is there an advantage to the higher price one?



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