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Hmmm reminiscent of HG Wells I believe.

Careful big brother err in this case sister is watching
you. If you don't watch your step they'll make you disappear.

Umm is the hosted in a country where free speech is
not a right as well ? Funny that free speech is frowned upon,
nay make that stomped on, in such a forum as a discussion group
tentively called Techniques.

At 11:14 AM 05/05/2000 -0500, Melanie wrote:
>My name is Melanie and filling in as List Guide for the Techniques List.
>I'm writing you in regards to your post  "Re: ADMIN: I Love You Virus"
>When you became a member of the HTML Writers Guild, you were asked to
>review and become familiar with the Mailing List Netiquette Guidelines and
>Actionable Rules. These documents are important to understand so that you
>can actively participate on the HWG Mailing Lists. They can be found at:
>HWG operations and procedures should not be discussed on any of the Guild's
>mailing lists. This specifically includes discussing a pending Governing
>Board motion and questioning the reasoning behind a List Guide message.
>The HWG provides forums for the discussion of Guild operations, and
>these are located at:     More information
>on this can be found at:
>Remember being on the lists is a privilege and not a right.

Yah I bet Hitler said the same thing to the Jews.

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